The Digital Gifting Solution for B2B Channels

Enhance incentive programs today with unified management for ‘bulk’ distribution across multiple accounts with a self-serve storefront.

wCentive™ provides merchants and gift card distributors with a single, comprehensive B2B system that can manage and support multiple B2B accounts, suppliers, and brands, including hosted online self-serve storefronts for bulk ordering.

The secure, online account portal empowers client’s self-service for bulk orders, immediate inventory delivery, and flexible campaign management. Third party customers are able to allocate and distribute both single and multiple cards, manage ecode programs, facilitate both active and non-active cards, utilize our patented “Just in Time” feature, and provide real-time, line-of-sight tracking for email, secure URL, mobile SMS/MMS, and even traditional plastic delivery. The powerful campaign management engine supports simultaneous co-branding promotions across multiple B2B accounts and can send multi-brand, multi-denomination bulk orders with targeted messaging including text, audio, image and video.

wCentive offers a centralized and highly cost effective B2B gift card management and delivery solution that enables merchants and distributors to extend their commercial gift card reach through any medium, while significantly improving resale and co-branding opportunities. wCentive also gives merchants a variety of turn-key deployment options as well as the capacity to create a unique B2B program using our robust web service APIs.

B2B Solution for Any Program

Quickly setup direct B2B accounts and 3rd party partners, empowering them with our flexible and self-managed bulk ordering, immediate or scheduled delivery and complete tracking system. With wCentive you can even setup your guest relations department to quickly resolve customer service issues and your marketing department for promotions.

Easy Implementation and Management

Take advantage of our turn-key solutions and seamlessly integrate your existing B2B program with our robust web service APIs, portal and self-serve storefront.

New B2B Storefronts

Offer seamless registration, facilitation and payment processing of your B2B offerings through a self-service storefront that links directly off of your current gift card home page and supports email, mobile and plastic.

Powerful Online Account Portal

Our unified portal manages all your B2B initiatives. Manage multiple accounts, card activation, distribution of customized and unlimited card art designs, incorporate marketing campaigns, monitor performance, and generate custom reports.

Multiple Delivery and Activation Methods

Single or bulk card distribution with flexible delivery options, including mobile, email, secure URL, and even traditional plastic. Support eCodes and card activation upon receipt.

Order Tracking

Real-time status, full line-of-sight visibility, and detailed analytics for all B2B gift card orders including delivery, bounced, ability to resend, and viewing.

Powerful Co-Branding Opportunities

Manage unlimited themes with customized text, audio, images, and video content.

B2B Aggregator Account Capability

Centralize your gift card inventory and program management to significantly reduce your operating costs. Support gift card programs from multiple retailers through a single account.

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