Advisory Board

Linden Fellerman, Board Advisor

Linden (Lin) Fellerman, has over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience in transaction processing, risk management, and collections. He is nationally recognized as one of the leading check services risk management experts. As president of Telecredit Service Corp and then Equifax Check Services, he helped develop many of the proprietary algorithms used nationwide today.

Michael G. Hall, Board Advisor

Michael Hall comes to Transaction Wireless with 20+ years of executive leadership in electronic cash management, with an emphasis on strategic development and marketing of innovative new products. Currently, Hall is co-founder of Gray Hawk Payment Technologies, an industry leader in the automation of cash management systems for state, local, and federal governments. Before founding Gray Hawk, Hall managed a $40M acquisition, cited as a “Top 10 Electronic Banking (M&A) Deal” by Corporate EFT Reports, a deal in which CitiGroup and American Express sat together on the same Board of Directors in their first and only joint venture to date.

With PepsiCo, Hall pioneered the first electronic Cash Management System in the U.S. Subsequently, he led the development of this system for the retail industry market. It’s currently the defacto standard in the retail industry and served as the basis for the U.S. Welfare Department’s electronic benefits transfer program. Hall, a published author and winner of the DIMA Award for Excellence in (Kiosk) Innovation, is a leading industry expert on automated cash/treasury management systems on the national speaking circuit and in industry publications.

Perry LaForge, Board Advisor

Perry LaForge is the Founder, Executive Director and Chairman of the CDMA Development Group (CDG). The CDG is a trade association comprised of over 140 of the world’s leading wireless operators and manufacturers. At the CDG, Perry is responsible for overseeing the expansion of CDMA technology throughout the world and for leading the evolution of the technology through the CDG’s subcommittees. Currently, there are over 500 individuals working on CDG sub teams.

Perry has led the development and worldwide commercialization of CDMA since the first proof of concept trials in 1988. He was instrumental in the introduction of CDMA as a second digital standard around the world and in it evolution to next generation digital technology.

Perry has participated in many industry committees. He has been a speaker, provided keynote addresses, and moderated panels at conferences in over twenty countries and has worked with government officials throughout the world to develop telecommunications policies. He has also lectured in numerous educational forums. He is a frequent guest columnist for a number of publications and has appeared on broadcast interviews about the wireless industry, including CNN, CNBC, Chinese Television Network, Bloomberg Business News and Dow Jones. He is frequently quoted in a number of publications, including Forbes, Fortune, Reuters, The Wall Street Journal, Wireless Week, RCR and BusinessWeek.

Werner Sievers, Board Advisor

Mr. Werner Sievers brings significant wireless product industy level management experience to Transaction Wireless. Most recently, as the general manager of Broadcom’s Broadband Cellular Products Group. Prior to that he was the president, CEO and chairman of Zyray Wireless Inc. a venture funded, cellular focused fabless semiconductor company, acquired by Broadcom Corp. Mr. Sievers is also the past President and CEO of Centera Ltd. a muli-national technology development, manufacturing and integration conglomerate. He was also the founder, president and CEO of the multi-national publicly listed Dimension Data Group of companies.

Vern Yates, Board Advisor

Vern Yates has been an active angel investor, consultant, advisor and mentor to start up companies since 1996. He was the founder of the San Diego Band of Angels, a 160 person angel investment group that has made over $85 million in investments in Southern California start up businesses. This group combined with the Tech Coast Angels in 2000 to form a group covering Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego counties. Yates is the past chairman of the board of governors of the Tech Coast Angels.

Jonathan Lampitt, Board Advisor

Jonathan has been an active angel investor to start up companies since 2004. He is the founder, President & CEO of Jupiter Investment Group, a Real Estate Investment company, and the Executive Chairman of Cannon Pacific Services a Southern California based municipal contracting services company.